Extraction of teeth. Due to fracture or deep caries
Extraction of impacted teeth. Impacted teeth can cause pain and discomfort  or gum problems also it affects the alignment of teeth
Bone grafts and implants.  In order to replace a missing tooth with implant bone is needed to support that implant. Bone graft is placed into the area where the implant will be placed and will induce the formation of new bone.
Crown lengthening to create enough length for the crown to be placed.

Teeth replacement 

Endodontic Treatment.

Due to caries or trauma the tooth will need a root canal treatment. In root canal treatment there is a small canal in the tooth or sometimes more than one where the nerve is located so that canal will cleaned and shaped  then sterilized and filled followed by filling of the tooth and placement of crown. 

Surgical procedures.

Restorative dentistry. 


Caries or decay is when the hard tissue of the tooth ( enamel and dentin) get infected with bacteria and those bacteria start producing acids which causes softening of the hard tissues and deeper invasion of the bacteria and in order to prevent bacteria from destroying the tooth so the decayed part is removed and replaced with a tooth colored restorative material (filling) to keep the tooth healthy.

Scaling and root planning (deep cleaning).

Gum disease is a very serious condition that can cause loss of teeth. Gum disease varies from simple inflammation of the gum to inflammations of the fibers that holds the tooth (periodontal ligaments) . Gum disease is not usually recognized by the patients and can be detected during the regular exam. 

Esthetic veneers.


In some cases the decay can be extensive and cause extensive loss of tooth structure so the crown is a cab placed around the tooth to prevent tooth fracture. Also teeth usually become weak after root canals so crowns are recommended. 


All the food and drinks we have can cause the teeth and fillings to change colors. Whitening will help you have lighter shades.   

Perio maintenance.

Following deep cleaning patients are advised to be seen 6 weeks then 3 months after to re-evaluate the gum health and maintain oral health.

Botox & Dermal Fillers


In case of single tooth missing a bridge is recommended to replace that missing tooth to enhance chewing and to protect the teeth next to the space from drifting. 

Intraoral and extra oral radiographs.

Radiographs are very helpful tools to help visualize tissues that cannot be seen in clinical exam like bone, tissues around the teeth e.g. TMJ and sinuses and help to see any problem e.g. abscess, broken tooth or caries. In our practice although all x-rays are digital and cause no health hazard but we make sure that no unnecessary x-rays taken.   

Oral exam,

oral health evaluation, oral diagnosis and oral cancer screening, Perio charting and treatment planning.

Patient’s first visit usually starts with introduction of the staff and dentist. The patient will be asked to fill forms that include patient info, insurance, medical and dental history, patient’s main concerns and treatment consents.

Oral exam usually include oral cancer screening to detect changes in shape or natural color of the oral tissues that might be benign, precancerous or cancerous changes that require further follow up, referral for biopsy or further treatment.

Exam of the TMJ for any pain, clicking which indicates the habit of clenching or grinding. TMJ problems can greatly affect the health of teeth, gums and muscles of the face.

Lymph nodes exam: Enlarged facial lymph nodes are indication of facial infection that can be dental or non-dental related.

Exam of gum. Health of the gum is greatly affected by diet, habits, brushing, flossing.

Exam of teeth to detect caries (cavities), abrasion, broken teeth or fillings.


  • Dermal Fillers are a premier cosmetic enhancement treatment for minimising facial fine lines and wrinkles. Capable of instantly adding volume to moisture-weakened skin, this non-surgical dermal filler eliminates age-defining creases and transforms your skin, creating a youthful, smooth texture and appearance.
  • BOTOX Cosmetic is a simple, non-surgical, physician-administered treatment that can temporarily smooth moderate to severe frown lines between the brows in people from 18 to 65 years of age. It is the only treatment of its type approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Preventive and Pediatric treatment.

  • Dental Exam Parents are advised to give their kids their first dental exam when the first tooth erupts and that is around 6-12 month of age. That will help not only early detection of problems but also helps familiarizing our children with the setting of the dental office and discussing oral health concerns and help our children practice healthy habits like brushing, flossing and having their 6 months exams. 

  • Regular exam: after the initial exam the parents are advised to give their kids dental exam every 6 months to evaluate dental health specially that kids are in their growing years and regular exams will help early detection of problems which makes it easier to solve.
  • X-rays to evaluate if there is any caries, eruption of permanent teeth.
  • Prophy : professional cleaning of teeth by fluoridated paste
  • Fluoride application. Baby teeth and newly erupted permanent teeth are very susceptible to dental caries and fluoride will make the tooth more resistant to caries.
  • Fissure sealants are designed to be placed on newly erupted permanent molars to seal all the grooves so teeth can be easier to brush.
  • Fillings. Baby teeth can easily get caries and fillings will be needed to prevent loss of baby teeth. Early loss of baby teeth will greatly affect the pattern of growth of permanent teeth and swill lead to problems of impacted (non-erupting permanent teeth) or spacing or crowding of teeth which will need a complicated orthodontic treatment to correct the bite.    
  • Kids’ root canals: baby teeth are thinner than permanent teeth and caries can easily get to the nerve causing pain and infection so the baby root canal will help saving the tooth. 
  • Kids’ crowns: the baby tooth in a lot of cases is better restored by a baby crown for higher protection.
  • Extraction: If baby tooth cannot be restores then extraction is recommended
  • Space maintainers are designed to replace the missing baby teeth so that the adjacent teeth do not shift and close the space where the permanent tooth will grow into.

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Springfield  ​Dental Care

DR. Ansam Zaiber, Family Dentistry and Implant

  • Implants
  • Fixed prostheses ( Denture)
  • Removable prostheses (denture).

TMJ/TMD treatment and occlusal guard.

Clenching and grinding is a habit that can cause problems to the TMJ like pain or clicking. The night guard will help preventing clenching and grinding. 

Tooth pain management.

Prophylaxis (Cleaning) in your 6 months recall exam.

Professional cleaning by the use of ultrasonic and hand scalers will be performed to remove the tartar (calculus) that accumulates on the  surface  of teeth to have  a healthy non-bleeding gum, clean teeth that are easier to brush.

Inlays and onlays.