Facial muscles are responsible for facial expressions, by contraction of facial muscles the skin is folded and produce the facial expressions e.g. contraction of the forehead muscles will change the shape (wrinkle) the overlaying skin and give the expressions of surprise or angry.

 In some people the muscles of facial expressions are very strong which might lead to:

  • Facial pain.
  • Headaches.
  • Very strong bite causing pain or click sound of area around the ear(TMJ) which might lead to limitation of mouth opening
  • Very strong bite causing damage to teeth, fillings, crowns, dentures and implants.
  • Deep wrinkles.

E.g Contractions of the cheek muscles can cause damage to teeth or restorations and/or facial pain. Contraction of forehead muscles causes headaches and in all the cases contraction of the muscle will wrinkle the overlaying skin.

Botox is a protein that when injected to facial muscles causing relaxation of muscles, relief pain, preserves the teeth and restorations and prevent the folding and wrinkling of the skin.

Why are dentists best placed to offer facial aesthetics?

The truth is dentists are ideally placed to perform facial aesthetics treatments since we have undergone 5 years of undergraduate training focusing solely on the face! The intensive training and education of a dental degree give the most specialized understanding and surgical skills to undertake facial cosmetic treatment. We have an in-depth knowledge of oro-facial anatomy: musculature, blood supply, neural supply and function so can be precise with the application of cosmeceuticals and neurotoxins. We can fully control and remove pain through an aesthesia. Risk factors are also minimized through the technical skill of dental training with empathy and sensitivity to provide the best care for every patient being ideally met in a dental practice environment.

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Dermal fillers.

The skin is a very unique tissue and it’s the first tissue that makes visible changes. At early years of life skin is usually tight and has plenty of volume but as we grow up and skin is exposed to sun there will be loss of volume causing wrinkles, dermal fillers are designed to be placed to fill the lines were volume was lost and give a natural esthetic appearance.

Dermal fillers are Hyaluronic acid which naturally exists in all living organisms.

Skin houses 56% of Hylauronic acid in the body.

Primary function of Hyaluronic acid is to provide volume to skin.